LIEDL LANA AG-Spezialmaschinenbau


The LANA BF is a further development of our approved ironing machine LANA BK in a more durably construction, especially for finishing and cleaning tasks on fur clothing and bodies, with widths of ironing cylinder is from 35 cms to 70 cms.

This closed construction and a big working table, ensures safe operation without damaging lining or sleeves. The given inclination of the ironing table facilitates the treatment of the material.

The wide distance between conveyor belt and ironing cylinder, makes it easy to handle the fur and avoids any damage by burning. The ironing temperature, adjusted at the control unit, is kept constant during the ironing process by thermal sensors in the cylinder. Reaching the desired temperature of the cylinder is indicated by an optical light signal.

The driven felt conveyor belt is pressed against the ironing cylinder mechanically by means of a foot pedal.

Ironing gases and dust are being sucked off by a strong exhauster, which will be supplied with the machine upon request.

Technical data:

Ironing cylinders: 35 cms / 50 cms / 70 cms

Dimensions of machine:


width: 170 cm
depth: 125 cm
height: 150 cm
weight: ca. 500 kg

Connected load: approx. 4,5 kWs, 400 volts, 3 phase

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