LIEDL LANA AG-Spezialmaschinenbau


The fleshing machine LANA EFP is a very serviceable dressing machine, being manufactured on the basis of long experience. This machine is best suited for fleshing all kinds of fur skins.

The solid construction mainly consists of stainless and synthetic material, is corrosion-proof, and easy and safe to operate, also for unskilled working staff.

Skins are placed over the rubber roller, hair side facing downwards. They are pneumatically pressed against the rotating fleshing cylinder. The contact pressure of the pneumatic cylinder may be set to the required level by means of a hand wheel, and is indicated on a gauge. An adjustable rubber roller ensures the correct distance for different thickness of the skins and guarantees perfect fleshing. Protective handling of furs is guaranteed by the pneumatic controlled and thus gently swivelling rubber roller.

The rubber roller is driven by a continuously variable motor, ensuring that the fleshing speed may be adapted most favourable to type, size and condition of skins.

The fleshing cylinder is equipped with 8 right and 8 left fleshing blades, made of best knife steel, and runs in noiseless tumbler bearings. To sharpen the fleshing blades, a grinding device is attached to the rear of the machine, with which the blades may be grinded over the entire width of the cylinder.

In addition the LANA EFP is provided with a water sprinkling device for cooling and for rinsing the carrion off.

Technical datas:


Working widths: 65 cms / 70 cms / 100 cms / 125 cms / 150 cms / 160 cms

Speed of fleshing cylinder: approx. 1400 rpm
Drive of rubber rollers: continuous up to 25 meters/minute

Dimensions of machine:


width: 160 cms
depth: 100 cms
height: 130 cms
weight: approx. 700 kgs

Connected load: approx. 9 kWs, 400 volts, 3 phase

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