LIEDL LANA AG-Spezialmaschinenbau


Type LANA LF-B: used for applying dye to the hair side or grease to the leather side. This machine is equipped with an applying brush, which is supplied with liquids from the storage tank by means of a transfer brush.

The feeding is effected by two continuously variable synthetic feeding rollers, which may be advanced more or less towards the applying roller resp. -brush through cranks (indicated on a scale) thus ensuring an adaptation to different heights of wool.

The degree of moistening may be adjusted as required by a continuous speed regulation of the applying roller. The drive of the rollers is effected by two infinitely variable gear motors.

This machine is a considerable progress in view of quality and saving of time, permitting most simple operation and high output capacity.

Technical data:


Working widths: 120 cms / 140 cms / 160 cms

Applying roller: 160 mms , synthetic
Applying brush: 220 mms
Transfer brush: 100 mms
Feeding rollers: synthetic, chain wheel drive
Storage tank: approx. 50 ltrs.
Feeding of liquids: acid proof synthetic pump
continuously variable speed of feeding-in

Dimensions of machine:


width: 160 cms
depth: 100 cms
height: 125 cms
weight: approx.. 500 kgs

Connection load: approx.. 4,5 kWs, 400 Volts, 3 phase

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