LIEDL LANA AG-Spezialmaschinenbau


A special machine for finish-combing long-haired wild furs like fox, beaver, nutria, raccoon, etc. with one combing drum, covered with card clothing.

Furs pass towards the combing drum through 2 continuously variable feeding rollers. The furs are being combed and opened, and run out in front of the machine, below the feeding table.

Depending on the desired combing effect and the degree of felting, the skins may be pressed towards the combing drum, in a more or less strong way, by a rotating brush. The combing effect may be modified by means of the continuously variable feeding speed. In order to prevent fox tails from being torn off, the upper feeding roller may be lifted through a foot pedal.

The built-in cleaning drum facilitates the cleaning of the combing drum.

A suitable single suction device, to suck off the combing dust, is strongly recommended.

Dimensions of machine:


width: 120 cm
depth: 90 cm
height: 100 cm
weight: ca. 380 kg

Connected load: approx. 4,5 kWs, 400 volts, 3 phase

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