LIEDL LANA AG-Spezialmaschinenbau


The successful LANA STO, a staking and stretching machine, enables you to obtain clean, soft and stretched lamb- and sheepskins, goats, skin velour, etc.

Fur skins are pressed against the staking cylinder by means of three rubber pressure rollers either hydraulically or pneumatically and run out automatically. The achieved effect is of high quality, the capacity approx. 100 - 150 pcs. per hour, depending on size of fur skins.

The distance between fur skins and staking cylinder may be adjusted on a scale according to kind and thickness of skins.

A reversing of the pressure rollers through a foot pedal permits e.g. repeated working at the edges.

The solid machine works quietly, safely and carefully. Built-in connection for suction device; strong single suction device is available upon demand.

Technical data:

Working widths: 140 cms / 160 cms

Dimensions of machine:


width: 260 cms
depth: 160 cms
height: 130 cms
weight: approx. 1300 kgs

Connected load: approx: 12,3 kWs, 400 volts, 3 phase
Compressed air: 8 atmosphere excess pressure

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